String of Bananas Plant

String of Bananas Plant Care

String of Bananas, or Curio radicans, is a tropical perennial that can be found in wetter regions of the Southeast and Latin America. The aerial stem bears clusters of little yellow flowers, while the long, brilliant green leaves grow in a rosette pattern at the base of the plant. Curio radicans is a low-maintenance plant that looks great in any location.

Watering String of Bananas Plant

Only water String of Bananas (Curio radicans) once every two to three weeks. Leaf cuttings from the stem of Curio radicans can be used to propagate the plant. Curio radicans matures in 2-3 months and develops swiftly. Curio radicans is an excellent plant for those who are new to container gardening. Curio radicans do well in direct sunlight. Instructions for planting:

Soil Selection for String of Bananas Plant

Curio radicans thrives in damp, sandy soil. It is also drought-tolerant to a certain extent. The ideal conditions for Curio radicans are full sun to partial shade. Protect this plant from the cold.

Fertilizing String of Bananas Plant

Curio radicans is a South African succulent plant. During the growing season, Curio radicans plants benefit from regular application of a balanced fertiliser. Acidic soil is required for Curio radicans plants, hence a fertiliser with a lower nitrogen content is recommended.

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