Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe Vera Plant Care

It is possible to grow Aloe Vera plants both indoors and outdoors. Keeping and propagating them is a breeze. Plants of the aloe vera kind like full light to partial sun, and well-drained soil. While it is important to water houseplants as soon as their soil becomes dry, outdoor plants should only be watered as needed. In order to reproduce Aloe Vera plants, stem cuttings can be taken and planted in the ground.

Watering Aloe Vera Plant

Succulent plants like aloe vera store water in their leaves. Because of this, it doesn’t require a lot of watering. For aloe vera plants, overwatering can be harmful. Watering your aloe vera plant properly means moistening the soil all the way down to the root ball. After that, wait for the soil to get completely dry before re-watering.

Soil Selection for Aloe Vera Plant

The best soil to use when planting an Aloe Vera is sandy soil. You have the option of making your own sandy soil mix or buying it from a store. Mix one part potting soil with one part sand to make your own mix. If you’re using store-bought soil, search for one that’s made specially for cacti and succulents.

Fertilizing Aloe Vera Plant

Spring is the best time to fertilise an aloe plant because new growth is forming at this time of year. Consider using half the recommended strength of a well-balanced fertiliser. Continue fertilising every six months after that, beginning in the early summer.

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